Leadership Strategies (PPT)

5 Keys to Lead Change


 If you are a leader who has struggled to get people onboard with a  business initiative, check out this short presentation to discover the  five keys to leading the people-side of change.  

5 Second Pause


 Have a profound impact by thinking before you speak with a 5-second  pause. The next time you feel the need to jump in and say something,  take a pause, consider the situation, and frame your comments with an  intent to have a positive impact.                     

Agreement & Alignment


 When teams struggle to agree on how to implement a business solution,  these efforts are destined for failure. Facilitate discussions to gain  agreement about where you are headed and alignment around how to get  there.                    

Feedback Yields Productivity


 High performing teams are feedback-rich environments. Many employees want feedback from their managers, but say  they don’t receive enough of it. Learn tips to provide positive  and constructive feedback.                      

Power of Gravitas


 When we don't feel confident and comfortable in a situation, it's hard  to perform at our best. Here are ten ways to hone your gravitas skills  and show up with the presence to navigate any situation.                    

Influencing Others


 Have you ever become frustrated with colleagues because you couldn't  find common ground? Learn seven tips to influence and gain the trust of  others.                     

Make Your Strategy Work


 Savvy change leaders know how to set the direction to get everyone  onboard so people work in the new way to achieve the business outcomes.                     

Better Leverage Your Time


Are you having trouble completing key tasks. The Power of 15 helps you make progress  in short 15-minute segments. 

Resilient Leadership


 How often do you get stuck, dwell on an issue, and resist a new  opportunity? Here are five ways to be more resilient .                    

Roadmap to Results


 Put your brilliant business ideas to action. Here are easy to implement  leadership actions to get your strategic initiative on track to deliver  results.                    

Visibility Matrix


 Don't let your lack of availability stall business outcomes. Better leverage your busy schedule. The Visibility Matrix helps  leaders finds opportunities to connect with colleagues to enhance  conversations and improve decisions.                     

Leading Change Toolkit


 If you are looking for a more efficient and effective way to lead change, sign up to access these leadership tips.