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Create Your Transition Playbook

Create Your Transition Playbook is an Online Program to help you develop your Transition Playbook

You've been tapped for a new role and expectations are high!

You need to make a significant contribution, and fast. 

The first 90 to  100 days in your new leadership role are critical to you and your company's success.

Create Your Transition Playbook is an online program designed to help ambitious leaders start their new role strong, and stay focused on what matters.

You want to succeed. Failure isn't an option. In new roles, leaders don't know what they don't know. 

It’s about strategically using the first days and weeks in a new role to prepare to add value over the next 12-24 months. 

Create Your Transition Playbook program provides a step-by-step roadmap for you to go at your own pace and take charge of your onboarding strategy and plans. 

Here's how we can help:

1:1 Personalized Transition Coaching


 We provide individualized one-on-one  support to map out those complex and challenging transitions where  winning is the only option.  

Create Your Transition Playbook


 Our do-it-yourself online program can help you create a Transition Playbook to guide your assimilation  into your new role. 

Onboarding Team Workshops


 Let us help your organization smoothly integrate many leaders into key positions with strategies to start the new role strong.