How Top Executives Deliver Results

Nothing New Happens without Change

 “Leading change today requires strategic thinking, great timing, accountability, and engagement. Change Up helps you get there.” 

Unfortunately, people are exhausted by all the changes in business and their personal lives. They need leaders to provide clear direction and a compelling reason to motivate them to action.

Change Up provides a leadership framework to engage and motivate others to "want" to move in the new direction in these uncertain times.   

  • Overcome the natural resistance to build acceptance
  • Master the five keys to successfully lead change
  • Avoid the 10 common mistakes in executing change
  • Balance the people side with the business side of an implementation
  • Engage and motivate others to “want” to move in the new direction


What People Are Saying...

“Hilary's engagement with our company was energizing and accelerated our transformation initiative. Her approach and methodologies were very effective and enabled us to communicate clearly across multiple sites, geographies and cultures.”   – Geoffrey Akiki, President, HOYA Blanks

“Our leaders have used the strategies developed by Hilary in Change Up to effectively engage our functional teams in the adoption of a new organizational model.” –  Lisa Haskell, Project Director at a leading Energy and Resource Company 

“Well done! The ideas in Change Up bring discipline and focus in the preparation and execution of change efforts. Hilary Potts reminds us to focus on people instead of getting caught up in spreadsheets. Change Up provides practical steps that any leader can execute.”  – Godefridus Vranken, European Director and M&A Specialist for GMTL, Commercial & Political Intelligence

“Hilary takes the complex subject of leading change and breaks it down giving the leader a guide to develop a clear roadmap for effectively leading change. Hilary’s advice on leading change is priceless.  

Robert E. Maher, Managing Director, New York Cruise Lines & Subsidiaries

“As a leader or business owner, it’s not enough to communicate change. You must see it through and help to lead change. But where do you start? Read Change Up! Hilary Potts has outlined a step-by-step process that any leader can use to lead change effectively and efficiently. Even the most time-strapped leaders can take her framework and ensure that essential change initiatives make it past the finish line.” – Tom Buford, Founder, Buildout Marketing                                                                   

“Leading change is the strategic imperative that executives of the future need to master in a world where change is the only constant. Mastering that imperative is like mastering anything else; you need accompaniment. Hilary and her series are the go-to accompaniment for every executive with discernment. Not having this accompaniment is like not having your cell phone. You’re kind of lost.” – Vafa Akhavan, President & CEO, NueBridge ltd.

“Excellent read. Change is challenging to all of us and particularly leaders who have to figure it out for both themselves and their teams. Hilary Potts brings a fresh, interesting perspective on how top executives can better lead change and deliver the results intended. She provides practical tools and specific case studies that make it easier to take effective action.” 

 – Mary Wallace Jaensch, Co-Founder, Spark Solutions for Growth

“Another smart book from Hilary, a great practical resource for leaders to refer to as they lead change. Change Up provides easy to implement actions and inspires leaders to step out of their comfort zone to achieve better results.”  – Laura Brown, Chief People Officer, Lecoq Cuisine Corporation