Business Solutions to Enhance Leadership

Bringing Your Best During Times of Change

Executive Transition Playbook


New roles, including promotions in the same company are terrific times for leaders to enhance how they lead. Transition savvy leaders know that leadership strategies and plans can help them quickly learn about the business, connect with key constituents, and determine how best to lead in the new organization. 

The Executive Transition Playbook: Strategies for Starting Strong, Staying Focused, and Succeeding in Your New Leadership Role lays out a proven, time-tested methodology for leaders to navigate their first 100 days. These insights come from decades of professional experience as a former operating executive as well as working with thousands of leaders across the globe all eager to succeed and deliver results.    

Change Up Your Approach to Strategy Execution


 If people are resisting the very changes that will make your business successful, it's time to change up. 

I’m excited to share my latest book; Change-Up: How Top Executives Lead Change and Deliver Results. The book provides practical strategies and a toolkit for leaders to motivate and engage people to "want" to execute business changes in ways which accelerate and sustain results.  You'll learn how to avoid the 10 common mistakes leaders make in implementing key business initiatives and master the 5 keys to leading change.  

My goal is to get these proven change strategies into as many leader’s hands as possible so they can effectively lead changes in their organization.