The HAP Group, LLC

Make Change Work in Your Organization

Close the Gap Between Strategy and Success


New Results Require New Behavior

 In business, change is the new normal. Yet leaders typically struggle to execute successful change efforts even when armed with a workable  strategic vision. What’s often missing is a practical change roadmap that includes the human bridge between strategy and desired results.

You’re Either Inhibiting Change – or Accelerating It

Leaders encounter many obstacles in leading the changes which will enable organizational success. The HAP Group has proven approaches to lay out a clear path  to success not found in change management or leadership books. It’s not about tweaking soft skills or becoming someone you’re not: It’s about creating a pragmatic, shareable plan that others will embrace and  execute.

Thrive through Change versus Survive


  Implementation is a Competitive Advantage


Leaders  are moving at lightning speed to bring innovative products and solutions to market. The eye is on the prize to grow revenue and t  realize a return on investment. To lead in this dynamic and complex business environment, leaders need to adapt and shift to perform at their best. Savvy leaders create transformation roadmaps so that everyone can see how to navigate the changes.

  1. Get clear about the direction
  2. Gain alignment and commitment with your team
  3. Match your actions with your intention
  4. Execute with Ease
  5. Celebrate the "New Normal"

Companies that can engage the masses and align their strategies to implementation will achieve their goals more efficiently and faster. Understanding the impacts of change on the people in the organization and creating thoughtful engagement plans can make all the difference between success and failure. We work with our clients to identify the critical path to success. 


Change Leadership and Transformations

Make Change a 'Non-Event'


Move from Resistance to Acceptance

Strategy execution is the name of the game. To deploy a new initiative requires people to step out of their comfort zone and try new approaches. 

People either get excited or distracted by organizational changes. More often is it the later, people are distracted, they feel uncertain and may even resist making the changes. A distracted organization can make it difficult to achieve the desired results. 

To keep everyone advancing: 

•    Provide direction

•    Communicate consistent, credible messages.

•    Be visible, ask questions and listen to the answers.

•    Model the new way. Avoid personally slipping back into old habits.

•    Resolve issues.     

•    Reinforce the new way through coaching and feedback.

•    Celebrate small victories on a daily basis.