The Executive Transition Playbook

Maximize Your First 100-Days in a New Role

Are you prepared for your new role?

Strategies for Succeeding in Your New Leadership Role

Don't just survive your leader transition. THRIVE IN IT!

 It's go time in your new executive role, and the pressure is on!

You are expected to get up to speed and add value to the business, and FAST!

The Executive Transition Playbook offers powerful principles and practices to achieve a smarter,  smoother transition. You will shine at every turn, and will set the  stage for success well beyond your transition.

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"Moving into a new role is a big challenge for any leader at any level. Read this book and let Hilary Potts help make your leadership transition smooth and successful."

- Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Collaboration Begins with You


Too many executives stumble when making a transition.

Errors  made in the first 100 days of a new leadership role can haunt you for a long time.  

Knowing how to navigate this short period  makes the difference between success and failure.  Too many leaders assume they know what to do. Could this be why over 40% of executives fail within the first two years of a new assignment?

Here's how we can help:

1:1 Personalized Transition Coaching


 We provide individualized one-on-one  support to map out those complex and challenging transitions where  winning is the only option.  

Create Your Transition Playbook


 Our do-it-yourself online program can help you create a Transition Playbook to guide your assimilation into your new role. 

Onboarding Team Workshops


 Let us help your organization smoothly integrate many leaders into key positions with strategies to start the new role strong. 

New Leader Success Formula


 The New Leader Success Formula Guide presents the practical steps to start creating your own Transition Playbook.  

Executive Transition Playbook


The Executive Transition Playbook offers powerful principles and practices to achieve a smarter,  smoother transition.  

Executive Onboarding Planner


Free download and no opt in of an article which describes the five steps to developing an Executive Transition Playbook

Free! New Leader Success Formula Guide

New Leader Success Formula Reveals...

 Simple Step-by-Step Process to Jump-Start Your Transition into a New Role. 

The Success Formula provides a starter kit to create your transition plan.


  • Proven exercises to develop your transition goals, strategies and plans
  • A strategy to assess your leadership 
  • Craft your personal brand
  • Learn the ingredients to a successful transition
  • Prepare for the many conversations
  • Find out what you might not know 


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Get the Most Out of Your First 100-Days


Avoid the Common Mistakes and Make a Positive Impact

 Executives are changing roles at an alarming pace. Over 60% of  incoming executives admit they are not adequately prepared for the new  role. The risks are high and 40% of executives who change roles or get  promoted fail in the first 18 months. The cost of failure runs in the  millions, not to mention the loss of productivity, morale and  reputation. 

The first 100-days are a unique  opportunity for leaders to learn and assess the business, to cultivate  key relationships and to enhance their own approach to make the business  successful. Knowing how to navigate the first 100-days can make the  difference between success and failure, 

Imagine  making terrific first impressions and quickly learning what it will take  to be successful and doing it in a way that feels authentic and true to  your own leadership values. 

We work with executives to develop an Executive Transition Playbook which is a blueprint for the first 100-days and beyond. 

Contact us to learn more about our one-on-one coaching and other programs to get you on the right path in your new assignment.

Whether  you are transitioning to a new company or are promoted from within,  this is a valuable time to leverage fresh thinking and ideas. It starts  with you.



Proven, Time-Tested Strategic Approach

6 Components of a Transition Plan

 The Executive Transition Playbook is a proven approach to developing an onboarding strategy and plan. It incorporates six components to ensure a leader’s success in the transition. The Executive Transition Playbook provides a systematic way to strategize and think about the aspects of the new assignment. We work with executives to customize onboarding solutions using the following six components to create a transition plan:

Learn: Executives can be hasty in their transition and miss the opportunity to objectively learn about the business. It’s a mistake to assume to know the business only to find out you have made the wrong assumptions. Use your leadership transition to gather information about the business.

Connect: Executives who make meaningful connections early in the transition foster trusting relationships and are able to enlist and engage others to action. 

Assimilate: High performing teams are critical to an organization’s success. Assimilation exercises enable the new executive and the team to mutually get to know each other and determine how to work together.

Lead: A transition is a perfect time for executives to upgrade and enhance their leadership. Don’t make a common mistake that how you approached your last role will work in the new assignment.

Balance: Times of transition can be hectic and stressful as executives move out of their comfort zone. By attending to work/life balance an executive is better equipped to meet both the business and personal requests on their time in addition to attending to their own health and well-being.

Communicate: People are eager to get to know and understand how the new leader will approach the business. Incorporating a clear communication plan into the Executive Transition Playbook is crucial to ensure messages and information are frequently conveyed throughout the organization.

We can help you develop your Executive Transition Playbook

What People are Saying About the Playbook



What People Are Saying About the Playbook

 "I've worked with Hilary Potts on many transitions. A well-thought-out transition plan catapults leaders into new assignments. "The Executive Transition Playbook" provides the perfect blueprint to get up-to-speed quickly."        -  Todd Lachman, CEO Sovos Brands

“The Executive Transition Playbook captures the essence of pragmatic leadership principles. Hilary Potts’ provides valuable learning tool for progressive leaders. Buy it and apply the principles!”  - Derrick Samuel, former President Colgate Palmolive Company

 "The Executive Transition Playbook is a reminder that business is built on relationships and makes a compelling case that to achieve results in a new role starts with choosing how to lead. This is a book for leaders who want to step up, lean in, and accelerate personal growth in their career. Well written, with  exceptionally clear reasoning, The Playbook is a great read and a  testament to why we should listen to Hilary Potts. It’s a must read for  every executive coach, and for anyone who wants to lead as if they’re being coached.”  Thomas A. Kolditz, PhD Brigadier General, US Army (ret.) Professor Emeritus, West Point Executive Director, Doerr Center for New Leaders, Rice University