About Hilary Potts

 Hi, I'm Hilary Potts. As a change strategist and executive coach, I specialize in helping leaders execute business strategies and organizational change, and executive transitions. My work is built on a strong foundation of practical business experience, extensive consulting expertise, and deep transformational practices. 

With over three decades of experience in leading and advising organizations, I learned firsthand the importance of creating and implementing strategies  to grow healthy companies. I serve as an leadership advisor and change strategist to some of  the world’s most prominent companies. I've worked with thousands of leaders implementing powerful principles and practices for achieving  smarter, smoother transitions that drive business results.    

My approach is to encourage leaders to go beyond the obvious to achieve positive outcomes. As a leadership advisor, I provide insights on how to prepare and execute strategic initiatives. I coach executives to develop and execute strategies and plans to fast-track into new roles, execute business strategies as well as guide leaders in navigating the cultural aspects of pre- and post-merger integrations.  


I've been in your shoes

As a former operating executive turned management consultant, I have the expertise and knowledge to work with leaders to strategize and map out solutions that solve today’s business challenges. I started my career as a chemical engineer at a Fortune 500 chemical company and held numerous roles in sales and business management.

I then transitioned to a boutique consulting firm that specialized in using applied behavioral science to help leaders improve performance and deliver results. My client engagements included merger integrations, strategy deployment, transformations, and reorganizations with some of the largest companies across the globe. Additionally, I served in a  variety of business roles including CEO and President before leaving to found The HAP Group.

My passion is seeing leaders succeed at leading change. Whether I am working with an executive in a one-on-one setting or engaging with a team, I focus on bringing out the best in people. Leaders develop a clear direction for their teams and individuals work  together to make better decisions and execute plans more efficiently. Many of my clients and I have worked together for years and I love hearing about how these simple leadership practices have made a different in people's lives,

If you think I can help you or your organization, I am available for  speaking engagements, coaching, consulting, and workshops. Contact me at info@hapgrp.com and we can schedule a meeting

What Clients Say:


"Hilary helps us think differently in our approach to implementing strategic initiatives. She helps us take the complex and make it seem simple." 

"I am better equipped to lead through challenging times." 

"We  were able to achieve our results with minimal disruption. The leaders were aligned around a common framework, we communicated with one consistent voice and people were engaged in the solution.” 

What People Say About Working with Hilary...

 "I call Hilary when I move into a new role or have a complex change initiative which I have to get people onboard and performing, fast. She is the “discrete and confidential secret sauce" that keeps us running at peak performance, even when the going gets tough."

"Hilary provides practical advice that leaders can immediately put in action and quickly secure enduring results."

"I've had the pleasure of partnering with Hilary on change leadership initiatives for over 15 years. She is able to quickly assess our challenge and work alongside my team to map out leadership strategies that deliver results."

" Hilary's counsel regarding lead change is invaluable."

Bringing Your Best During Times of Change

Executive Transition Playbook


New roles, including promotions in the same company are terrific times for leaders to enhance how they lead. 

Transition savvy leaders know that leadership strategies and plans can help them quickly learn about the business, connect with key constituents, and determine how best to lead in the new organization. 

The Executive Transition Playbook: Strategies for Starting Strong, Staying Focused, and Succeeding in Your New Leadership Role lays out a proven, time-tested methodology for leaders to navigate their first 100 days. These insights come from decades of professional experience as a former operating executive as well as working with thousands of leaders across the globe all eager to succeed and deliver results.    

Change Up Your Approach


 When people resist the very changes that will make your business successful, it's time to change up your approach. 

I’m excited to share my latest book; Change-Up: How Top Executives Lead Change and Deliver Results. The book provides practical strategies and a toolkit for leaders to motivate and engage people to "want" to execute business changes in ways which accelerate and sustain results. 

You'll learn how to avoid the 10 common mistakes leaders make in implementing key business initiatives and master the 5 keys to leading change.  

My goal is to get these proven change leadership strategies into as many leader’s hands as possible so they can effectively implement key initiatives in their organization.